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Nobody beats our cheap prices on web hosting

As our name suggest we offer you the best website hosting at only 1 dollar a month. Why would you pay more than 10 dollars for web hosting, when you can get the same service for only a fraction of the price. And that’s not all! If you want to get more websites hosted, we can offer you an even lower price. We have four plans to choose from depending in the number of websites you own. Our Starter Plan is our most popular shared hosting plan – it’s very wallet-friendly and you can have your websites hosted for only one dollar a month. If later you need more space or more websites hosted, don’t depair – you can easily upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs.

Onedollarwebhost.com has the best web hosting

We offer cheap WordPress hosting with 1 click installs. When choosing shared web hosting for your wordpress you’ll get full control over your wordpress site including its layout, search engine optimization, advertising and much more. If you want to make real money on your wordpress site you need to choose a self-hosted blog, and with the cost of only 1 dollar a month on onedollarwebhost.com, you will be ready to make a fortune on your blog or business. No matter which platform you have chosen for your website, we offer shared web hosting for any site.
Just because you only pay one dollar for web hosting doesn’t mean you have to compromise on space or services. Onedollarwebhost.com offers you the best shared hosting similar to other web hosting companies – the only difference is the price. Depending on your needs we offer unlimited domains, emails and MySql databases with an easy One Click Installs. With onedollarwebhost.com you can enjoy or shared web hosting with speed and uptime for your site. You’ll never have to worry about downtime, with onedollarwebhost.com we’re committed to provide you with the best cheap web hosting and guarantee 100% uptime!

Shared web hosting for only 1 dollar

On onedollardwebshost.com we offer the best shared web hosting on the market. Shared hosting is a perfect option for smaller websites or blogs, who needs an economical yet secure option for web hosting. Not only do we offer cheap web hosting but we also offer an easy-to-use cPanel with One Click Installation. Our shared web hosting will save you time and headaches, because we’ll take care of the server’s maintenance. You’ll never have to deal with technical maintenance or system administration – instead you can focus fully on your website.

Start your one-dollar web hosting today

Now a day every business – no matter the size – needs a website. It’s the easiest way customers can buy your products or get to know more about your business. A professional looking, easy-to-use website with informations can pull new customers. With our one-dollar web hosting you can get started even though you have a small budget. Our shared web hosting offers a user-friendly graphical cPanel which is designed to simplify the process of hosting a website. Don’t worry if you don’t have any technical skills, we’ll take care of all the maintenance and administration, so you can use all the time on your business.
When choosing ondollarwebhost.com we offer you cheap web hosting with great services, and all the support you’ll need. If you want to start a website or a blog without spending a lot of money, our shared web hosting is the way to go. From only 12 dollars a year you can have your website hosted with our cheap shared hosting. With our easy One Click Installs you can get started right now.

Host reviews, coupons and promo & discount codes

iPage Review

iPage hosting is our winner when it comes to value for money. It’s very cheap, yet the service and product is comparably with the best of the best. When it comes to support, iPage has some serious good customer support! You may think that 1.99 dollar host company will lack in customer support, but not iPage. If we move on to the cons about iPage, we found out that the uptime of 99.9% was not exactly the truth and we are hoping they will make it better after this review. Also time speed was not some of the best, but we think they are working on this to make it better, so that is good to hear, because Google doesn’t like slow pages! The truth about iPage is that they are good, good customer support, good and cheap hosting and that is a priority when it comes to building your next website. So if you can live with slower pages and lack of up-time right now, then iPage is a good choice! Many website beginners starts a iPage,
because they are cheap. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Hostbudget Review

Hostbudget offers a $1 hosting plan with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth and that is one amazing offer. Are you a beginner at building website and coding, then you can go for the $0.75 hosting to start with and then build your way up as your site gets more traffic. We have now tried this company for 2 months and its really good. We also tried the customer support and they are fast and easy to talk to and they will help you as much as they can even if the problem is not on their end! So don’t be scared of buying cheap hosting, because Hostbudget is doing well on customer support. We tried the $1 hosting and no complain here. Maybe the page speed could have been a little bit, but if you have a starter website, that is okay. We couldn’t find any cons yet, so stay tuned! Maybe we will find some things later on. No need for promo, discount or coupon codes for a great deal.
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1dollar-webhosting Review

Do you like it cheap, then 1dollar-webhosting is good. We have tried the service out and here is our review of the company and hosting. We bought their 1 dollar webhosting and it is actually good. Page speed is ok and their controlpanel is easy to use! When we first faced some problems with the down-time and other stuff, we contacted the company on live chat and their respons was fast and good. If we need to find some cons on this company, we could have use a little more up-time on the server. They say their servers have an up-time of 99.9, but that is not the case. On a one month testing, we had two break-downs, that cost us to days out of 30 days. But when we look at the big picture, this is what you get when you order a $1 hosting, so its ok. Keep in mind that it could have been a bad month for them while we were testing. We will maybe make a new test later on. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit 1dollar-webhosting

HostRush Review

HostRush is one good hosting company. We tried their smallest hosting which is $3/month and that was a pleasure to test. The SSD was making the page speed top notch and no lack in customer service! The server we tried was the 2GB version with 1TB bandwidth. This server is good for beginners and small business who like to start out with a good server that runs amazing. The only down-side with this server is that it is not fully-managed. You need to upgrade to a bigger server if you want that, so I you a complete beginner in websites and servers, then find another hosting plan instead. But if you are a high tech nerd that loves programming or you have a small business or maybe an ecommerce site that you need to start, then choose this hosting plan. You will love it from the minute you open their controlpanel. We are giving a 4 star rate on this company which is good, so try them out if you need a fast and reliable hosting. No need for coupon, promo or discount codes for a great deal.
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Hosticon Review

We have now tested Hosticon and we were impressed. We tested their $0.89 hosting plan. They call it the starter kit and thats because of the 500MB HDD and the 10GB bandwidth. Its not much, but its ok when your are a starter and just want to test if your website will be a succes or not. The package does not come with a free domain. Then you have to upgrade to the 3.99 hosting plan, to get the free domain. Hosticon has some pretty nice customer service. When I have some problems and call them on the chat, they are quick to find the problem and fix it, so high-five on that! We don’t experienced the server going down, so that was a good sign. We could not find any cons, this is a very good company that will take care of their customers and we like that. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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HostHex Review

$10 per year and a lot of features. We have tested this hosting company! At $10/year you will get 500MB of storage and 50GB traffic/month which is pretty good. We did not see any lack in down-time and their customer support is cool and kind. When you are buying a hosting plan from HostHex, you will get a lot of nice features like, Unlimited domains, unlimited databases, unlimited MySQL and so on. Not many companies do this and that is why we need to test this. Buying a hosting plan is easy! When you buy, your hosting is setup instantly and you can start building your website right after your purchase. 500MB dont seem like much, but its fine to start your first website and testing it. If your site gets bigger you can upgrade your hosting plan with a click of a button! Overall a good and stabile hosting. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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HoboHost Review

Many people are using HoboHost because of their prices on hosting, so we though that we would try it out. They have a $0.92 hosting plan with 3000MB storage and 20GB traffic and it sounds fair enough. We tried this hosting company for one month and not all things were good and clear. The first thing is their up-time on the servers. We hope that they will make that better in the future and the live chat is not good either, but when that said, the host was okay. If you are a developer and can fix a lot of problems yourself, then is okay to host your site here. They also offer a lot of cool features like wordpress themes, email tools and some advanced tools to make your site even better, so thats a good thing. All hosting plans comes with cPanel, so you easily can manage your sites and emails. No need for discount, coupon or promo codes for a great deal.
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1and1 Review

1and1 do not have many pros, so lets start with that! First of all, the prices are extremely low, starting at $0.99 for the cheapest hosting plan. When it comes to manage your account, its super easy and their have a lot of apps and software to choose from at no extra cost, like WordPress, Joomla and so on and they will do free backups every day which is good if your website gets hacked or you messed it up. If we move on to the cons, then we can start with performance. Our pagespeed test shows not so good numbers, so they need to improve this, to keeps us staying! Then there is the customer support which is not so good either. It can take a couple of days before they get back to you or fixing your problems, so keep that in mind. The company have been around for 26 years, so they have a strong brand today. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Host Mastered Review

In 2013 this company was established and since then. If we take a look of what they offer, we can see that they have a 24 hours support, which we like. The hosting is from 100MB to 2GB of storage and if you just want to test your new website out, you can choose the 100MB hosting. Also HostMastered offers free backups, which is a good thing these days. If you got hacked, you can easily use the backup and setup your site again. At $0.99 for 100MB of storage is okay and if you plan to use more, you can then upgrade to a bigger hosting. The company have had some bad reviews over the years, but we think that they are back again and stronger than ever, providing you with good and reliable hosting. No need for promo, discount or coupon codes for a great deal.
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1dollarhosting Review

You want cheap hosting and good customer service for your money. 1dollarhosting will provide you with that. We have the chance to test out their $1 hosting plan and it was faster than what we expected from a $1 web hosting. The downside was that we only had 10MB storage, so its a little expensive when you think about it. Most sites will fit on this storage, but you dont have a change for making a bigger business from this hosting plan, but the customer service was fast and good. No complaints here and it was okay to setup as well. But if you are looking to build a big and useful website for yourself, this is not the plan to choose. Other hosting plans from them are also expensive, so dont be fooled by the prices you see on the site. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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DoHost Review

DoHost is a popular hosting company for bloggers. They provide cheap hosting and free daily backups on all hosting plans, so its a very popular choice for bloggers and website developers. Their hosting is also very popular for Private Blog Network, also called PBN. They offer unlimited email, cPanel, 30-day money back and a lot of fast hosting plans that you will love. They have dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and web hosting, so there are a lot to choose from. Shared web hosting is starting at $1 and is for 1GB storage, which is okay. The company has been around for 4 years, so you can trust this company and they are making improvements all the time, to make a better hosting service for you. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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3ix Review

We tried out the $1 hosting plan. After setting everything up, we got in a little bit of trouble and want to contact the company, but telephone number does not work and they were not answering to emails, so that was a bit same. We could not complete this review, but we can tell a little about them. The hosting we tried out was the 40GB with 100GB bandwidth and that is fairly cheap! All their prices are good and the controlpanel is also good, so nothing to complain about there. If you can sort a lot of problems yourself, then this is a OK host, but if you are new to hosting, you might find another place to be. Uptime is perfekt and pagespeed is also OK. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Expert Webhost Review

ExpertWebhost is a good place and the support is quick! When you setup servers or buying domains, the setup is instant. We tried out some of their hosting plans for a month and with no problems at all. Pagespeed and uptime is good and at a price at $15, it is quite good! They offer cPanel hosting, SEO hosting, Reseller hosting and much more, so there are a lot to choose from. We love the SEO hosting plan. Here you will get tons of ip’s and different servers to use, which is perfekt for Private Blog Networking. The price starts at $60 per year for 5 ip’s which is fair enough. If you are into PBN, this is the place to start for making a big PBN right now. No need for coupon, promo or discount codes for a great deal.
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Asura Hosting Review

Here are one of the leaders in cheap and good hosting! They have great customer support and will try to help you as much as they can. You can buy a $1 hosting solution from them which has 5GB storage and unlimited bandwith which os pretty good. Everything is easy to setup up through their control panel and everything is instant. Customer reviews over time is around 65% positive. That you will not find anywhere else and they are trying their best to keep up with happy customers. If you want something bigger, they are also offering VPS and dedicated servers. VPS hosting starts at $35 dollars per month and thats not a bad price for good hosting. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit Asura Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting Review

$1 web hosting is their top-selling product and we have tested it to check the quality. $1 is cheap, but many hosting companies have this, so what will make them unique. First of all we tried the customer support which was fast. Love it! After talking to customer support we tried the $1 web hosting and not much to complain about here. The hosting is fast and reliable and we tried it for 1 month and didn’t see any downtime at all. The $1 solution is perfect for bloggers and people who love to make Private Blog Network’s. The customer support is friendly to talk to, so try them out today and see what we are talking about. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal. No need for discount, coupon or promo codes for a great deal.
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HostBandit Review

We have heard a lot about this company from the internet, so we thought that we would try it out to see if we have the same problems. We ordered the $1 web hosting and it went fine. The server or hosting is very slow. Maybe because they are using bad servers or maybe there are to many websites on the same host. We got into some problems and we tried to contact customer service, but they are not replying to our emails, so that is not a good sign of trust. After 1 month hosting our site is down and we can’t access our control panel and we can’t get in contact with the company, so our data is now lost for good. Hope the company will make it all better soon. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Hostdens Review

Hostdens have good customer reviews from around the world, so we though that we would try them out. Their homepage is not the prettiest in the world, but that doesn’t matter as long as their service and products are good. We tried the $1 shared hosting and we were quit impressed with it. The pagespeed is amazing and so are the uptime. We did not experience any downtime at all in the month we tried the hosting. They have a lot of cool products to choose from, so you should be able to find something that you can use weather you are a pro website builder or a totally beginner. Customer service was also good, so no cons at the moment, but we will keep you updated. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Host Big Review

Big Host is a big player on the market for web hosting, so we need to try them out. First up is their website! The design of the website is not the best and the design is also outdated. It can be hard to find the hosting you need, but we managed to find the $1 web hosting on the frontpage. Setting up the server was quick and easy, so nothing to complain about here. We had the hosting for one month and was experiencing some down-time during our test month. Not so good! Control panel and customer service is ok, but when we asked them of our problems with the down-time, they stopped answering our emails. That is not a good trust sign, so hopefully their will make customer service better in the future. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Hostica Review

Hostica has not got the best reputation on the internet, so we took a shoot and bought 1 month hosting from them. To start with, everything worked fine, but then there came a lot of down-time. We could not test the hosting for a full month because of this, so instead we will tell about the features. Hostica is offering a $1 web hosting solution and it is for one website. You can also get a bigger package for $6 a month and add up to 10 websites on the same hosting. Everything, like one click installer, MySQL, Email accounts and a lot of space is included in the hosting plan. We hope to see a better hosting company in the future, so we can give them another review. No need for promo, discount or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Hosting Dude Review

Hosting Dude is one of the top players in the $1 hosting world. Everywhere you look on the internet, this guy has some amazing reviews. He will help you as much as he can and he has some nice prices on hosting also. He’s website design is not the best in the world, but don’t be fooled about this. The service is top-notch and the servers are always up and running, so you don’t see any down-time. We have tested Hosting Dude and was quit impressed with it. Keep up the good work, Hosting Dude! If you are a blogger or if you like building websites, then choose this company. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Hostripples Review

A big player on the market and they are getting better. This company is has some pretty good reviews on the internet, so we thought that we would try them out. First of all, their customer service is good and they will respons quickly and they will resolve any problems that you might find quick and easy. The customer support is open 24/7 all year around, so that is good! Also they have one click installers, 99.9 uptime and free ssl, which is a big plus, because google will use ssl as a rank factor now. Also a good thing about this company is that they have a 30 days money back guarantee. Try them you today and see what we are talking about. You will be impressed! No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Hostso Review

Not the best player on the hosting market, but we tried them anyway. They offer some good hosting plan for fairly cheap money, but you have to be aware here. We can see that the price for our hosting went up every month and when we contacted support, they were having trouble writing in english. Not a good start for new customers! Our website got down daily for about 5-10 mins, so this is not a company you will choose if you are having a big website with lots of traffic and customers yourself. The hosting will be good for testing and beginner websites, but when your website is getting bigger, we will advice you to move to another host, as this company is not reliable enough. No need for discount, coupon or promo codes for a great deal.
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HostTop Review

This company is not a big team player, but they are quite good at what they do. The signup and setup was a bit slow, but when we are in, there were no complains at all. Everything is smooth and nice to manage. The unlimited space and unlimited traffic is just perfect and that is what customers want these days. Pagespeeds are very good and the customer support is very nice to talk to. All their hosting plans comes with unlimited space and traffic, so you don’t need to upgrade all the time, like other places. You only need to upgrade if you need to make more websites on one server. The $1 hosting plan only comes with one website and the more you upgrade, the more websites you can have on the same server. No need for coupon, promo or discount codes for a great deal.
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LinkAlone Review

Overall this company has some pretty good scores around the web, so it was our time to test them out. We bought the $1.49 web hosting plan and it was actually good and easy to setup up. As we were building our test site, we did get into small problems, but the support helped us out. Good and fast customer support and they are always online, so you can always write to them. One thing is nice and that is you can have up to 5 websites on the cheap hosting, but the downside is that you only have 1GB storage, which is not that much. Its good enough for testing websites out or if you are blogging it can also be ok, but not for bigger sites. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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MyTrueHost Review

MyTrueHost is a good company and you can trust them. They deliver some good products and its affordable. The one dollar hosting comes with unlimited space and unlimited traffic, which we like! You also get access to +300 scripts for free which is very cool and and will help you save a lot of time making your website or make it cooler to look at. We tried it out and was quite impressed! The website and the scripts work fine and we did not see any downtime on the server. If you are planning making big websites, you can trust this company. Pagespeed, customer service and much more is top notch and the site is very easy to navigate and we love the controlpanel. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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VPS Hosting Deal Review

If you want something powerful and if you want something that is cheap, you need a VPS from VPS Hosting Deal. Customers loves them and we can see why. Not only are they offering good prices on VPS, they are also reliable. We have tested the cheapest VPS we could find from this company and we were very impressed. VPS is a better solution when you are a developer, because you can manage everything yourself. VPS Hosting Deal has a VPS for just $12 per year. Its insane! We tried it and for at whole month there were no downtime, no lack in pagespeed or something else. When this company is getting bigger, we think they will take the lead. Great customer support and fast respons is a priority here. Keep up the good work! No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit VPS Hosting Deal

Zetta Host Review

Zetta Host was created back in 2003 and is still alive today. They have a lot of customers and fairly good prices on their products. We have looked at the hosting plans they offer and we found out that they have a free hosting plan.. Wow, this is cool! We had to try that, so we did. The free plan is perfect for developing and starting a small business website, before it attracts a lot of customers. The free hosting plan is a very clever move and will get a love of customers. If you do not exceed the 1000MB storage, you can actually have a free website for lifetime. The other plans they have do cost a little bit, but the prices is ok. Customer support respons fast and will help you with anything. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit Zetta Host

Award Space Review

Award Space is the go to host when your budget is low. You can get a free hosting plan here and its for lifetime. The company hos 2.5 millioner customers and counting. The best way to get your website online is to go to this company. They have cheap hosting, but if your site is small, you can start of with the free plan they are offering. The customer service is top notch and the controlpanel is actually pretty easy and good. If you need more power, they also have some VPS solutions that starts at 12 euros which is pretty cheap. The VPS is a good solution and the one they have is quite fairly priced. You will get 25GB space and 1GB ram to start with. No need for promo, discount or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit Award Space

123Systems Review

We had give 123Systems a chance and went on to buy their shared hosting for $4 per year which is cheap. The server specs is fine, but when we tried it out we got a lot of downtime and when we contacted support, they waited 20 days to respond. Not at good start and it will be hard to recommend them. They are offering some amazing products for less then $10 a year, so we hope that they will be better at customer support in the future. Controlpanel is okay and we like that they have instant setup, so you don’t need to wait when buying their products. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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HostMetro Review

HostMetro is fairly new on the market and they will have to make some good products to keep up with the big companies, so we thought we would try them out to see what they could offer. First we bought the $2.95 per month for lifetime hosting, which is pretty cool. So after 10 years the price will still be the same, which is nice. Customer support is ok, but they could be a little bit faster and the server hosting is good enough for smaller websites that don’t care about pagespeed and uptime. Use the company with care and maybe start with one website and see how it goes. We will keep an eye on this company and maybe make a better review later on. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit HostMetro

Mean Servers Review

Mean Servers is not an old company, but they are going strong and the company is getting bigger every day. Our test showed that the pagespeed is ok and even better is the customer service. The best products we tested was the budget hosting at $15 per year and nothing to complain about, but if you want better pagespeed, you should go with the unmanaged server which has 1GB of ram, so the server hosting will be a little bit faster. We predict that this company will grow in the years to come, because of the low prices. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit MeanServers

BlueHost Review

Bluehost is a big player on the market and they are doing it good. Some hates them and some loves them. They are offering some good products and we have tested them out. We tested the WordPress solution and its not cheap, but its reliable and that is the best part. Also you get 24/7 customer support which is nice and if you don’t like chatting, they are also having their own helpcenter where you can find answers on must questions. We could not find any cons on this company besides the prices. The prices are a little expensive from what you get, but if you want a website to be up 9.99 procent of the time, then its okay to spend a little more on hosting. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit BlueHost

Hostinit Review

Hostinit is a great company and they are doing it good. Their website is nice and the design looks more modern that other hosting companies which is a good sign. If you are looking for a cheap shared hosting, then try this company out. They have a $8 per year hosting and its quite good and stabile. Like most others, this hosting company is offering a lot of different solutions which is pretty cool, because you can choose a solution that fits you 100%, so you are not paying to much. We have tested the $8 shared hosting and we did not experience anything and there were no downtime at all. In the price, you will get free SSL, cPanel, Backups and a lot of other things, so this solution is cheap. No need for coupon, promo or discount codes for a great deal.
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FatCow Review

Fatcow and iPage is the same company and fatcow has not got so good reviews on the internet. Customers at fatcow tells you to stay away. Fatcow ones used to be good, but they are rolling down the hill now and customers are leaving. We have also leaved the company, because we have experienced many site attacks and downtime the last 6 months and fatcow don’t have the resource to do anything about it. This company only got one star and we think its a matter of time before this company will break and not exist anymore. Also we had a lot of problems with emails from them. They are sending a lot of up-sell emails to you. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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Hostgator Review

Hostgator is one of the largetest hosting company in the world, so they have to be the best? We took a look at this company to see what they could offer. First of all, the pagespeed is good and the pagespeed has improved since last year, so thats good and they are offering 45 days money back guarantee, so thats better than the competitors. If we move on to the customer support, there were a little bit of lack in the respons time and we found out that you need to pay an extra fee if you want true backup, so thats the downside. If you are a beginner to websites and hosting, then Hostgator is perfect. No need for discount, coupon or promo codes for a great deal.
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Inmotion ReviewInmotion Hosting is a big company and we tried them out. Their customer support is perfect and fast and they are also offering some pretty good features. First, they have 90 money back guarantee and they also have free site transfer, free backups, free domains and easy app integrations. That is amazing! Pagespeed and uptime is perfect and the prices on domains and hosting is nothing to complain about, because they are very low. If we need to find some cons, then we dont like the limitions there are on their hosting plans. If you need to back up more than 10GB, you will have to pay extra for that. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit Inmotion

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting has some good reviews around on the internet and we now know why. If we start with uptime, we can see that they have a 99.94% uptime the last 12 month. Thats insane and good! Their customer support is very nice and fast and A2 Hosting is offering some free things as well. They have free Hackscan and free site migrations which is awesome. The company is doing all their can to give you the best in web hosting. We did find some minor cons, but not something that would make this company bad. The web hosting is a little expensive, but you are getting some pretty good servers for this price and also you are paying for the good uptime. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
Visit A2 Hosting

Justhost Review

Justhost is not the biggest player on the market and they are still having some problems. Lets start with the pros! You will get a 30 day money back guarantee and free domains, which is good. You will also get a lot of one click installers, so you can build websites in minutes by yourself. But when that is said, we could not find anymore pros. So lets go to the cons. Here we find some lacks in customer support and uptime on the server. Customer support is not fast responding and the uptime is very low, so you can experience your site going down every day for some minutes or hours. Pagespeed is also very poor and that is a big no go in 2017. No need for discount, promo or coupon codes for a great deal.
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GreenGeeks Review

Here is a company that have some amazing things to offer. First of all, they have servers with good uptime and if you are having problems with something, then ask the customer support which is pretty awesome and fast. If you love building websites, they have free domain service and 30 days money back guarantee and to be sure your website is safely, then will do nightly backups for you. We found some minor cons, but not something really bad. The server had some problems being low, so I affects the pagespeed a little, but not something bad. We do recommend this company if you want to build a lot of websites. No need for promo, discount or coupon codes for a great deal.
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