Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp Applications

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have crashed, connection problems in three applications. Some users can access Instagram from their mobile phones, but the desktop interface fails.

There is a problem in social media around the world. With Instagram, the most popular social media is not accessible to Facebook, but the popular messaging application is experiencing a troublesome access to WhatsApp. any statement regarding the issue so far is in progress, the knowledge that comes only Turkey's problem is not experienced worldwide.
WhatsApp and Instagram came up again with the problem of access. Users cannot send or receive messages. Instagram is not streaming. At the same time, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had problems connecting several weeks ago and could not return to normal for hours.

This problem in many different devices and operators does not currently cover all users, but mostly among the first news users in WhatsApp and Instagram.
08 May 2019
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