Grooming Persian Cats

Persian cats are blessed with a luxurious and lengthy coat. Though it may be attractive and smooth, maintaining their fur can be a big task. Persian cats need more grooming and brushing than any other breed. In this article, you will find all the tips and methods needed to maintain the silky coat of your Persian cat.
Persian cats are easily identified by their beautiful, unique and lengthy fur. The same trait that makes this cat breed so unique can also be a cause for irritation, not only to them but their owners as well. To keep her coat healthy and beautiful, follow these simple cat care grooming tips:
Persian cats need extra grooming
When it comes to Persian cats, you have to go the extra mile to maintain their healthy coat. Persian cats and kittens primarily shed their fur in the spring and summer, but require brushing all through the year as their long hair form knots and tufts easily. Persians also tend to swallow large quantities of hair, which makes them prone to hairballs. To reduce the number of hairballs and maintain the quality of their coat, you should follow a regular grooming schedule.
Another issue that needs to be addressed is that Persian’s eyes need to be cleaned regularly. Since this breed tends to produce tears constantly, it is important to wipe her eyes with a damp and clean cloth. 
Grooming cats
1. Brushing is key
It is important to begin brushing your Persian as early as possible. This will make her used to the brushing, maintain the quality of her coat in the long-term and will also be a fun activity in the process.
  • Use a dedicated cat comb daily to gently remove excess hair, knots, and dirt. Look out for tricky areas like under the neck, behind the ears and near the hind end and legs where the knots are particularly extra.
  • Keep an eye out for any fleas, wounds or unusual lumps.
  • Be sure not to pull out the mats of her hair. This can cause pain and potential bald spots. Instead, separate them gently with your fingers or use a cat comb or a de-matting tool.
2. Grooming her coat
Persian cats, with varying lengths of hair, require different methods of grooming. Depending on the length of the hair, different tools are available for grooming your Persian.
  • Short-haired cats require a “toothed glove”. Use this tool to gently massage her in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Doing so stimulates the skin while removing excess hair.
  • Use a soft brush with natural bristles to gently brush her in the same direction of the hair growth.
  • Use a large-toothed metal cat comb for long-haired Persians.
  • Remember to use the comb gently to prevent scratching her skin.Grooming cats
3. It’s bath time
  • Use a specially formulated soap when bathing your Persian, and do so only after checking with your vet.
  • Use cotton balls to prevent water from getting into her ears. 
Benefits of right nutrition
Grooming is only one part of maintaining the quality of your cat’s fur. A nutritional diet is another factor in maintaining her fur and overall health.
Royal Canin’s Persian formula includes tailor-made nutrition for Persian cats. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids and fibers, which help stimulate intestinal transit and naturally limit hairball formulation.
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